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Brief History of FHRC Scholarship Activities

Thomas Jefferson said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people “.  The Fountain Hills Republican Club believes this statement is very true.  

The Club established a scholarship fund to help our graduating seniors go on to college many years ago.  The education committee each year reviewed criteria for the scholarships and it varied frequently.  It was noted that not only graduating seniors wanted to go to college but adults in the work force were considering going back to school, so for a time both were included.  There were times the scholarships were offered only for trade school aspirants.  

The Club is very interested in knowing the applicants so elected not to put our scholarships into the Golden Eagle organization that does all the selecting of winners from criteria offered by the funding organization.  A member of the education committee goes with the Golden Eagle presenters when they present to graduating seniors their offerings and explains our offering.  Those that apply are individually interviewed by education committee members and the winners are selected within that group. 

 Unfortunately applications dropped significantly and the Club reconsidered where to place the funds.  In recent times the funds have gone to two large entities that provide excellent programs for young people.

Current times have prompted discussion within the Club to again offer scholarships locally to our graduating seniors.  The goal is to raise enough funds to continue the funding of the large institutions as well as offer scholarships locally.




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