Food for Thought 

There is a very active and motivated political group in Fountain Hills whose name is self explanatory.  They number 200 or more members and engage in active campaign training, grassroots action, and embrace much of what Democrats advocate for.  
For the past few years this group has dramatically influenced the governance of our Town.  The three members of Liberal Ladies serving on our Council include Mayor Ginny Dickey.  A major leader of the group's husband served on the Council for multiple terms and often voted with the Liberal Ladies comprising an entrenched majority.  In 2024 Fountain Hills will hold an election for Mayor and three Councilmembers.  If Peggy Mcmahon and Sharon Grzybowski plus Mayor Dickey choose to run the Liberal Ladies will be in the forefront to reelect them.  Take a look at what they believe and see how greatly it differs from our Republican beliefs and values.  In their published Mission Statement there is not one mention of Freedom, God or Country.  
Liberal Ladies Mission Statement
"Liberal Ladies of Fountain Hills Strives to be a Safe Haven for Liberal women and their allies to support, educate and encourage one another to be actively involved in our community and government.  We focus on advocacy issues and campaigns that align with our Progressive values of inclusivity and equal rights for all people.  Furthermore we continue to fight for social, racial, and economic justice at all levels of government and in our society."
Clearly this group exists for one reason, to elect Democrats at all levels of Government.  Here's the point, we Republicans need our own version of the Liberal Ladies.  An army of Republicans who will work non stop between now and 2024 to maintain the majority on our Council, elect a new Mayor, enlarge the Republican Majority at the State House, and add more Conservatives to the FH School Board.  

Did you know the Republican National Committee's (RNC) Chairman is paid $750,000 a year?  Clearly, we're not getting much for that money. Since Ronna Romney McDaniel of Michigan has been Chairwoman, the Republican Party has had a net loss of 7 governorships, 3 seats in the United States Senate, 19 seats in the House of Representatives, and the presidency. So Republicans, it's time for ACTION!  Arizona's three National Committeemen will vote on January 27th for the RNC Chairman. Two of our three Committeeman have already committed to Harmeet Dhillon a brilliant attorney and grassroots activist, see this site has a list of each state's RNC Committeemen.  Arizona's 3rd National Committeeman, Lori Klein Corbin has yet to get on board with Harmeet. Contact Lori at or any other medium you have to message her....simply say time to oust McDaniel and Hire Harmeet. As of this writing 35 votes are still up for grabs which would give Harmeet the Chairmanship.  Next, email your out of state Republican friends and relatives the site and ask them to contact their State's National Committeemen...there is little time before the election to get the Hire Harmeet message across the Country!    

"As long as I am your governor, the meddling hand of big government creeping down from Washington DC will be stopped cold at the Mississippi River."

— Sarah Huckabee Sanders (@SarahHuckabee) January 17, 2023

Too bad Arizona didn't get a Feisty Republican Governor... Nancy Plencner