Republican of the Year Nominations are now being taken. 

Crystal Cavanaugh and Nancy Plencner are Chairing the Selection Committee and are accepting applications for Nominations for Republican of the Year from now until February 8th.  The Criteria for nominating a Club Member for this prestigious award is the following:  

  • Leadership SkillsAbility to deliver the Republican message on issues at all levels of government
  • Communication skills both verbal and written
  • Evidence of community involvement and ability to influence decisions on issues that affect the future of our community. 

Please submit the name of the Nominee along with a brief overview of the individual's qualification based on the stated Criteria.  

Please use the form below for your nomination. The information will be transmitted to Crystal Cavanaugh via email immediately. 

PLEASE NOTE THAT FORMER WINNERS ARE NOT ELGIBLE;  Previous winners still living include: Harold Denomme (2003), Mike and Donna Reagan (2007), Debbie Skehen (2008), Marilyn Higgins (2013), Tait Elkie (2015), Boe James (2016), Chris Brant (2017), Rod and Shari Morris (2018) Edith Stock (2019), Rosemary Hansen (2020), and Crystal Cavanaugh (2021) and Nancy Plencner (2021).