January 31, 2023

This past Friday the Republican National Committee (RNC) elected their Chairman for the next two years.  The person elected will lead the Party into and through the critical 2024 Presidential and national elections.  In many Republican's minds the past three election cycles have been less than sterling, if one gages success by the number of elections actually won.  Here is the record: in 2018, 2020 and 2022 Republicans had a  net loss of 7 governorships, 3 seats in the United States Senate, 19 seats in the House of Representatives, and the presidency. And so why you might ask did 111 of the 168 of those allowed to vote for the Chairman, go back to the same well?  They chose AGAIN, for the 4th time, Ronna Romney McDaniel.  And by a wide margin.  On the day the election was being held for the Chairmanship I received a mailing from Ronna, postage paid by the RNC.  She wanted me to Renew my Membership...with a $1,000 commitment.  Well I have never been a "member", so this mass mailing full of "must win election cycle" and "need to raise $6.5 million in the next 35 days" language fell flat with me.  There was not one word about what her PLAN would be to change the trajectory and outcome of the last three election cycles.  Maybe there is a new Plan, maybe Republicans can take back what we have lost and actually elect a Republican President, take the Senate and maintain the House...I pray that happens.  

A mere 24 hours later,  Arizona Republicans gathered to elect a new Party Chairman to replace the one many have found to be controversial.  Again, under the former Chairman Arizona lost the Governorship,  Secretary of State, Attorney General, has only a slim Republican margin in the Legislature and failed to take back a US Senate seat.  Certainly not anything to crow about.  There were many factors at play in this election, integrity of the process cannot be ignored and the supposed impact of former President Donald Trump's endorsements.  But leadership and unity is at the top of the must have list to lead the Party to wins.  Republicans took a look at those running to replace Dr. Kelli Ward and chose former Arizona State Treasurer Jeff Dewitt. This was reported by the Arizona Republic,  "In a tense meeting in Phoenix  Arizona Republicans rejected a hardcore election denier as their new state leader and instead chose Jeff DeWit, a former Trump official who aims to bring a level of unity to the fractured party. DeWit, touted his fundraising prowess and ability to energize the party to achieve more election wins. 

Our FH Republican Club Program Chairman is scheduling Mr. DeWit to address us soon.  

Buckle your seat belt folks, the next 22 months until November 2024 are going to be turbulent.  


About the Author

Nancy Plencner

Nancy Plencner is a resident of Fountain Hills, Arizona and has been a member of the Fountain Hills Republican Club for over seven years.  Nancy is a retired business executive, a many decade participant in Republican politics and is a political writer.  Recently the FHRC member was chosen to be the Club's Communication's Chairman.  She is also a frequent contributor to the Republican Briefs a statewide online, Monday-Friday publication with a statewide reach.  Nancy was named Republican of the Year in 2021 by the FHRC.  She has been active in many Fountain Hills elections including the 2022 Town Council race that brought three Republicans on to the Council joining the incumbent Republican forming a Conservative majority for the first time in several years.