Maricopa County Forms Elections Command Center to Share Info with Voters, Combat Disinformation

Six elected officials and a team of elections and communications professionals are coming together as one ahead of the 2022 November General Election in Maricopa County.  Today, Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates and Recorder Stephen Richer established the “2022 Elections Command Center” which will serve as a central hub of information for the weeks leading up to and following the Nov. 8 General Election. 

“At the beginning of the year, I promised we would run the most transparent elections this county has seen, and I’m proud of what the Board of Supervisors, the Recorder’s Office, and our elections team have done to date,” said Chairman Bill Gates, District 3.  “The Command Center will further deliver on that promise by creating a structure that allows us to reach more people, faster, with factual information about how elections are run and how people can successfully participate.”  

“We ran a terrific Primary Election, but because of our ‘continuous improvement’ work ethic, we will have an incredible communications team assembled that will allow us to better respond to constituent concerns and combat misinformation during the General Election,” said Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer.  “I look forward to partnering with the Board of Supervisors to make this a great election for Maricopa County voters.”

The Elections Command Center will bring together communicators and subject matter experts from the Elections Department, Recorder’s Office, County Manager’s Office, and other county agencies for the following purposes:

  • Clear, consistent communication about voting deadlines and election processes to Maricopa County’s more than 2.4 million eligible voters which enables them to cast their ballot in the way they choose.
  • Outreach and response to local, national, and international media covering Arizona elections
  • Quick and accurate response to mis-, dis-, and mal-information related to the administration of elections in Maricopa County
  • Updates on tabulation and reporting of results following Election Day

Starting today, all media requests related to the November General Election in Maricopa County should be directed to the Elections Command Center using the following email address: This applies to requests for interviews as well.  The Elections Command Center will host regular news conferences in October and November for credentialed media.  Reporters interested in getting credentialed can apply here.  News conferences will also be streamed live via social media for members of the public.

For reliable information about Maricopa County election administration, visit and follow Maricopa County, Maricopa County Elections Department, and Maricopa County Recorder’s Office on social media.