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July 19, 2022

Attorney General Mark Brnovich
2005 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

Dear Mr. Brnovich,

We’re so happy to have had you in the Attorney General’s office over the last few years, and wish you well in the upcoming Arizona US Senate Race.

As part of your legal oversight is voting, fraud and election integrity, we would like to strongly request that you open a full investigation to the documented ballot harvesting and ballot stuffing that has been revealed in Dinesh D’Souza’s recent investigative documentary, 2000 Mules.

We are in no way suggesting that the 2020 election should be “over-turned” or “decertified”, but have seen more than enough video, audio and geo fencing evidence in the documentary that would require your office to seek out, arrest, if necessary and interrogate the exposed perpetrators of the alleged ballot harvesting & ballot stuffing.  We have seen at least one arrest based on evidence made known in 2000 Mules.  Please confirm that more arrests are forthcoming and investigations are proceeding to determine who is behind the management and organization of the criminal events.

Our membership is well over 400 people, and there is overwhelming support for this examination of events.  

Please advise on what your office intends to do moving forward with this information.  Ultimately, we do not want to see anything like this ever happen again in any election, as election integrity is imperative to our freedoms in this country. 

We wish you well and look forward to hearing from you.


Cecil Yates
Fountain Hills Republican Club

cc -FHRC Board of Directors